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Doe’s anyone have any experience with setting this device in the Axial software?

Fibaro RGBW Micro Controller

I am using it to control WenTop RGB led strip lighting for counter top and accent lighting.

The Axial inclusion process completed ok and the Fibaro controller was initially recognized as a single dimmer switch. At this point I had on/off power control and the ability to dim the RGB led’s as a group.

What I am looking for is a means to dim the Red, Green and Blue led runs individually. The Fibaro manual seems to indicate that it has this capability however I have been unable to access it from within the Axial software.

I have tried the following:

Setting the Fibaro to device type ColorChangingLight. With this type I had on/off and dimmer control for the RGB lines as a group. Changing the color in the color circle dimmed the RGB lines as a group but had no effect on color mix. The brightness slider also worked on the RGB lines as a group. There is no white led line connected to the Fibaro controller and the white slider as expected did nothing.

Created red, green, blue led devices from the appropriate end points on the Fibaro device and changed their type to DimmerSwitch. This gave me on/off power control for the individual RGB lines however I still was unable to dim the individual RGB lines. Moving the dimmer slider on any of the created RGB devices caused the associated endpoint to spike to 255 and then settle back to the dimmer setting that was set on the master Fibaro device. No lighting change occurred on the led strip during this process.

I have associated the Fibaro controller with my zwave controller via the auto-configuration menu option. This was also successful.

I am running version 4.1.5994.37290 Pro on an Aeotec Gen5 Z-Stick using the beta driver.

Any nudges in the right directions would be appreciated.