Posted: 9 months ago Quote #4323
Just spent a couple of hours cruising the script and plug-ins forums and have come up with the following (which may or may not be correct):

Plugins are created and compiled (as DLLs) in Visual Studio, then copied or moved to C:\Program Files (x86)\Moonlit Software, LLC\InControl HA\Plugins.

Next time Axial Server is started they will show up in the Plugins menu.

Good so far?

May I then assume that Scripts are, mutandis mutatis, installed in like manner?

Where do they show up, there being no Scripts pulldown on the menu bar?

Is there someplace somewhere where one might find all this information in one place, so's to know how to get started?  (Your get-started is all about creating the text file, but nothing about what language we're using or how to compile it.  I wasn't even sure it needed compiled -- most script languages I've used do not -- until I saw forum posts complaining about compile errors.)