usb stick not connecting

Posted: 4 months ago Quote #4328
Got a new USB  (Aeotech Gen 5)a few months back and after getting all my devices switched over to the new stick it has been working flawlessly.  Then last week for no known reason, the stick no longer connects.  when i launch IC , i am getting the following error message flashing along the bottom of the screen.  
"Unable to connect Z-wave controller.  Access denied when opening COM5.  This usually means you have another program using your USB stick".
What might be going on?  NO new programs have been added to the computer.   The computer that runs IC is used for it alone and nothing else.  Please give me some tips.
Posted: 4 months ago Quote #4329
You may try to remove it from the USB port, re-insert, then reboot and see if that helps. By the way, check out the new forums here:
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thanks, i tried that.  no luck.  try again?

should i move this question to the other forum?