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(DSB45-ZWUS) Water/Leak/Flood Sensor

This flood sensor can detect moisture and send an alarm so you can prevent floods.

(DSC11101-US) 15A Smart Energy Z-Wave Smart Power Strip

The Aeotec Smart PowerStrip is a low-cost Z-Wave power strip which can report immediate wattage consumption or kWh energy usage over a period of time. The PowerStrip can be controlled by other Z-Wave devices to turn on/off four outlets in two separate groups to save electricity when appropriate. Two of the strip’s six power outlets remain constantly powered unless the whole strip is powered down.

2GIG Thermostat

Touchscreen Z-Wave thermostat for use with most Z-Wave compliant systems such as the MiCasaVerde Vera controller, HomeSeer or 2-GIG Technologies system. Unit can operate off the HVAC system or 4 "AA" batteries.

300W In-Wall Micro Dimmer Module

Aeon Labs In-Wall Micro Dimmer

4-button zone controller LEVVRCZ4-M0Z

4-button zone controller

Energy Monitor

This clamp on energy monitor is attached to your panel's wires. It measure the energy being consumed real-time throughout your home.

Evolve 20A Relay Fixture Module

This relay can be used for a number of home-projects. We've used it to wire up a remote garage door opener.

Evolve 300W Lamp Module (EVOLDM-15)

Versatile Lamp Module

Evolve Color Change Kit

Color change kit for LRM-AS
From $5.00

Evolve Color Change Kit for LSM-15

Color change kit for LSM-15
From $5.00

FortrezZ Outdoor Siren (SSA3US)

Outdoor Siren